Emma Griffin ~ Writing

Emma writes regularly for a range of scholarly and academic journals, and where permitted posts her work on the open-access website academia, which may be found here. Below are some examples of her writing for both academic and non-academic audiences.

  • Who’s to blame for the gender pay gap: the housework myth

    The Guardian, March 2018
    Article link

  • Empire of Guns by Priya Satia – how war drove the industrial revolution

    Guardian, July 2018
    Article link

  • Diet, hunger and living standards during the British industrial revolution

    Past and Present, May 2018
    Article link

  • Love and Latitude

    History Today, March 2014
    Article link

  • Five Best

    The Wall Street Journal, June 2014
    Article link

  • Why Workers Welcomed Long Hours

    Bloomberg, March 2013
    Article link

  • E. P. Thompson:
    The Unconventional Historian

    The Guardian, March 2013
    Article link

  • A modern-day Industrial Revolution

    Historyextra.com, March 2013
    Article link